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Welcome to Dar Al Sekkah Finance, where your financial success is our top priority! We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as a leading and customer-centric banking brokerage institution, dedicated to providing you with a seamless and secure banking experience.

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Our foundation is built on trust, integrity, and transparency. With a team of seasoned financial experts,


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Our Services

Personal Loans

Extending loans to individuals for various purposes, such as personal expenses, education, home improvement, and debt consolidation.


Offering home loans to help individuals and families purchase or refinance properties.

Business loan

Loans designed to provide funding for business operations, expansion, or specific projects.

Credit Cards

Issuing credit cards with various features and rewards programs to facilitate convenient spending.

Auto Loans

Providing financing options for purchasing new or used vehicles.

Secured Loans

Loans backed by collateral, such as a home, vehicle, or savings account, which reduces the lender's risk and may result in lower interest rates.


Reputable and trustworthy banking institution

Individuals and businesses will be aware of potential fees, interest rates, and the terms and conditions of their accounts and loans to make informed financial decisions.

We Follow Best Practices

It’s essential to tailor financial practices to individual circumstances and goals.


Transform Communities Across the Globe

The goal is to align banking activities with sustainable development principles, promote responsible investing, and contribute to a more environmentally and socially conscious economy.



Abu Dhabi

Al Marya Islansd


Al Khan

About Founders

We Are a Leading financial Company In United Arab Emirates

Redha Al Tajir


Ayman Khalaf


About Founders

Our Latest Works

Safety and Security

adhere to regulatory guidelines to protect customer funds and maintain the integrity of the banking system.


Profitability allows them to sustain operations, invest in technology and infrastructure, and provide competitive financial products and services.

Credit Allocation

Assessing creditworthiness and provide loans to businesses and individuals, facilitating economic growth and development.

Risk Management

manage and mitigate financial risks associated with lending, investments, and operations.

Our Banking and finance experts

Decades in Money Market industry

Banking consultant

Hassane Said

25 year experience in retail clients on their personal needs and objectives.

Banking Consultant

Mahmoud Alyaqoubi

30 year experience in banking, selling credit cards and business loans.

Banking Consultant

Mahmoud Abd Al Aziz

18 year experience in promoting and selling financialproducts .

finance expert

Jiji Jacop

33 year experience in finance and accounting in UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To open a bank account, visit the bank’s branch or apply online. You will need to provide identification documents, such as a government-issued ID, proof of address, and sometimes an initial deposit.

A credit score is a numerical representation of an individual’s creditworthiness. It is important because it impacts your ability to get loans, credit cards, and favorable interest rates. A higher credit score indicates a lower credit risk.

A debit card is linked directly to your bank account, and purchases are deducted from your available balance. A credit card, however, allows you to borrow money from the card issuer up to a credit limit. You need to repay the amount borrowed by the due date to avoid interest charges.

To protect yourself from fraud and scams, avoid sharing personal information like passwords or PINs, be cautious with unsolicited emails and phone calls, regularly review your bank statements, and report any suspicious activity to your bank immediately.

An overdraft fee is charged when you spend more money than you have available in your account. To avoid overdraft fees, keep track of your account balance, set up account alerts, and consider opting out of overdraft protection if your bank offers that option

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